Scholarship Program

ABPANC Certification Scholarship Program

A limited number of scholarships are available each year for perianesthesia nurses to obtain:

  • Certification Fees ($314.00)
  • Recertification Fees ($194.00)

Initial Certification Policies Recertification Policies Scholarship Application


Applicants must submit the completed electronic ABPANC Scholarship Application form during the appropriate application window (Fall or Spring) to that includes:

  • Complete contact information for scholarship applicant;
  • Verification from the nurse manager that the following eligibility requirements for recertification of CPAN or CAPA status have been met as follows:
    • Current, unrestricted RN Licensure in the US or any of its territories which use the NCSBN NCLEX exam as the basis for determining RN licensure;
    • 1,200 hours of perianesthesia clinical experience within the three year certification period
  • Verification from the nurse manager or HR Department staff that the employer offers no monetary support for seeking CAPA/CPAN recertification.