Exam Prep

Preparing for the CPAN® or CAPA® Exam

ABPANC offers a wide range of resources to help you study and prepare for the CPAN and CAPA certification exams. The Certification Candidate Handbook describes all information and policies regarding the CPAN/CAPA examinations and administrations. Read this Handbook thoroughly and carefully before registering for examinations.
Certification Candidate Handbook

CPAN and CAPA Test Blueprints

Review the Test Blueprints to identify your individual learning needs. ABPANC recommends you study from a variety of sources to adequately prepare to sit for the CPAN and CAPA certification examinations.

Fall 2022 CPAN and CAPA Test Blueprints

12-Week Study Plan

Use this Study Plan as a guide to help you organize your exam preparation. This plan is based on the CPAN and CAPA Test Blueprints and a weekly learning experience of approximately four hours per week. All of the tasks and knowledge areas listed should be covered thoroughly. This study plan is built around a 12-week schedule and should be modified based on individual needs.

Fall 2022 Study Plan (PDF)

Coming in 2023: Exam Updates

Beginning in Spring 2023, both the CPAN and CAPA exams will be following an updated test blueprint.

The exam content outlines for the Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse (CPAN®) and Certified Ambulatory Perianesthesia Nurse (CAPA®) certification programs are based on the results of a Role Delineation Study (RDS) or Study of Practice. ABPANC’s accreditation standards mandate such studies be conducted every five years.

ABPANC’s most recent Role Delineation Study was conducted in 2021. This process included a survey of hundreds of perianesthesia nurses from across the country, with questions about day-to-day responsibilities, skills and knowledge needed to be successful in these roles As a result, the exam blueprints for both CPAN and CAPA are changing to better reflect the current knowledge, skills and abilities of today’s perianesthesia nurses.

Preview the 2023 CPAN Exam Blueprint and the 2023 CAPA Exam Blueprint. Please note: these will not be in effect until the Spring 2023 exam window.

A new 12-Week Study Plan will be posted early this Fall, and Practice Exams will be updated to reflect the new exam content beginning on Jan. 1, 2023.