Nursing Education Grant

Nursing Education Grant

ABPANC believes in supporting certified perianesthesia nurses pursuing activities that strengthen their clinical practice by furthering their education.

ABPANC will annually award two (2) one-time grants offered at $5,000.00 each to support a certified perianesthesia nurse (CPAN and/or CAPA) who is furthering their education.

  • Eligible Expenditures: Each award will be granted to students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate studies in a perianesthesia-related field and must be used within 12 months of the grant award.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be a CPAN and/or CAPA certified nurse actively enrolled in the supported educational opportunity at the time of the application and grant award.

Recipients for grant awards will be recognized during the CPAN/CAPA Celebration Luncheon at the ASPAN National Conference.

Application Process:

  1. Applications will be submitted through the ABPANC website, and will include:
    1. Complete contact information for grant applicant
    2. Attestation that photos and/or articles submitted for the after-activity report may be shared on our website, social media, and in our email communications.
    3. Signed verification from the nurse manager or other leader that the applicant is:
      • CPAN or CAPA certified nurse in good-standing.
      • Enrolled in the noted educational program described in the application.
      • Receives no or limited monetary support for the activity educational program from their employer.
    4. Signed letter from Dean/Program Chair verifying enrollment in education program.
    5. Current Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  2. Applicants will answer the following questions to complete their application:
    • Describe why you are seeking this competitive grant and explain in detail how the funding will be used to enhance your medical mission or education experience.
    • How will this funding support or enhance the way you care for your patients or do your job?
    • If you receive this funding support, how will you share your experiences with your nursing colleagues?
    • What makes you an outstanding candidate for one of ABPANC’s competitive grant awards?

Required After Activity Reporting:

  • Within three months of the project completion, recipients must:
    • Complete a post-activity survey
    • Submit evidence of the project completion:
      • Transcript for education
    • Submit an article for our e-newsletter and/or website