CPAN® and CAPA® Recertification

Recertification for perianesthesia nursing - CPAN and CAPA certificationCPAN and CAPA certification is conferred for a period of three years. Prior to your certification expiration date, you will need to update your Learning Builder profile accordingly to document your learning plan. Please be sure to read the Recertification Handbook for complete information about the recertification process.

Follow these steps for recertification:

Gather information

  • Review online Recertification Handbook
  • Determine eligibility to recertify your current credential
  • Determine which recertification option you will choose (recertify by exam or continuing education)
  • Review recertification windows and fees
  • Use the Learning Builder Tutorials to assist you : How to use Learning Builder

I’m Ready to Certify/Recertify