Eligibility Requirements for Recertification

  • Perianesthesa nursing certification eligibilityCurrent, unrestricted RN license in the United States or any of its territories
  • A minimum of 900 hours of perianesthesia nursing practice during your three-year period of certification*.
  • Successful completion of either the CPAN® or CAPA® examination (whichever credential you currently hold) OR attain 90 contact hours of continuing education as defined in the Recertification Handbook.

As you prepare for CPAN/CAPA recertification, ABPANC is aware that the past few years have presented significant challenges to your work environment that may be causing concern about meeting ABPANC’s recertification requirements.

As a result, our new recertification attestation states:

“In the past three years, you have completed a minimum of 900 hours of perianesthesia nursing practice in any role that supports or advances the practice of perianesthesia nursing.”

Some of the roles where practice hours may be obtained are:

  • Care coordination
  • Direct patient care
  • Education
  • Informatics
  • Leadership
  • Navigation
  • Patient/family liaison
  • Quality improvement
  • Research

Qualifying contact hours are listed by topic and must be directly related to the specialty. Activities that advance the practice of perianesthesia nursing can be found in the CPAN and CAPA test blueprints (derived from the most recent role delineation study).

Perianesthesia nursing is not a setting, it is the specialty care you provide. During COVID surges, many of you were deployed to a variety of practice settings where you continued to provide care to patients that received sedation or anesthesia.

If after reviewing this information you still have questions about your eligibility to recertify, please contact ABPANC at abpanc@cpancapa.org or at 347-708-7975.

Audit of Recertification Applications

  • ABPANC reserves the right to audit any or all applications and supporting documentation for recertification.
  • ABPANC randomly audits a certain percentage of certified nurses seeking recertification.
  • If you have been selected for Audit, you will be notified when you submit your application.
  • Submission of an application indicates your agreement to comply with the terms of the audit process.
  • Documentation requested during the audit process that is not submitted or is unacceptable will result in denial of recertification.
  • Please follow the instructions listed in the Recertification Handbook describing the process for submitting an online application.

Recertification Rates


CPAN Spring 2023 70.66%
CPAN Fall 2022 69.26%
CPAN Spring 2022 68.89%
CPAN Fall 2021 69.10%
CPAN Spring 2021 68.90%
CPAN Fall 2020 68.50%
CPAN Spring 2020 73.90%
CPAN Fall 2019 72.90%
CPAN Spring 2019 73.47%


CAPA Spring 2023 64.92%
CAPA Fall 2022 67.71%
CAPA Spring 2022 66.76%
CAPA Fall 2021 67.60%
CAPA Spring 2021 70.30%
CAPA Fall 2020 71.25%
CAPA Spring 2020 69.80%
CAPA Fall 2019 68.35%
CAPA Spring 2019 71.38%

Recertifications # Eligible # Renewed % Renewed
CAPA 764 496 65%
CPAN 1053 744 71%
Totals: 1,817 1,240 68%