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Study questions cover content in the five domains of perianesthesia patient care: Anesthesia, Physiology, Perianesthesia Monitoring and Intervention, Perianesthesia Care Considerations, and Professional Nursing Practice and Guidelines.

The nursing knowledge domains to meet these needs are the same for both the CPAN and CAPA certification programs but some of the knowledge topics and testable tasks differ between the two exams.

For best practice, we recommend you review both CPAN and CAPA study questions.

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Question of the Week

February 21, 2024

Upon awakening in the PACU, a 3-year-old patient is inconsolable and refuses the attention of the nurse. The perianesthesia nurse is aware that this behavior is considered:

  1. a normal response of the protest phase of separation anxiety.
  2. passive resistance which is often used by toddlers.
  3. to be related to the pain of surgery.
  4. to be frustration related to the lack of privacy.
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Question of the Week

February 14, 2024

The purpose of administering metoclopramide during the preoperative period is to:

  1. control intraoperative anesthesia requirements.
  2. potentiate the effects of benzodiazepines.
  3. promote gastric emptying.
  4. increase gastric pH.
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