Recertification Policies

Scholarships for Recertification Fees through the Continuing Education Program


  • Current members of the ABPANC Board of Directors are not eligible for a scholarship for Recertification Fees.
  • The Scholarship for Recertification Fees ($194.00) may only be used to recertify through ABPANC’s continuing education program.
  • The annual window for applying for a Scholarship for Recertification Fees is identified in #1 “Policy” above.
  • The Scholarship Application is available through a link on this page and must be submitted electronically by the deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • All eligibility requirements for recertification must be met at the time the scholarship recipient completes the online recertification application.
  • To be eligible for an ABPANC Scholarship for Recertification Fees ($194.00), no monetary support for recertification is available from the applicant’s employer. Individuals who received a Scholarship from ABPANC for initial Certification Fees are not eligible to apply for a Scholarship for Recertification Fees.
  • Along with the application, an essay (no longer than 300 words) must be submitted describing how he/she have promoted CPAN or CAPA certification during his/her three-year period of certification. Such activities may include those described in the Recertification Handbook under the heading, How to Earn Contact Hours, i.e., CPANs and CAPAs as Teachers, Authors, Facilitators of Quality Care, and Resource Leaders. Other activities may include such things as serving as an ABPANC Coach or ALRT member, conveying certification information at component meetings, serving as a study buddy, posting certification related materials on the unit, participation on a Role Delineation Study Task Force or Passing Point Study, etc.
  • Activities related to CPANs and CAPAs as Continuing Education and Academic Students do not apply.
  • The scholarship recipient must use the scholarship to recertify through the Continuing Education Program within the upcoming Fall or Spring Recertification Cycle in which they are due or the scholarship becomes null and void. It is expected the monies will be returned to ABPANC.
  • The ABPANC Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing all applications.
  • The number of ABPANC Scholarships may vary from year to year and will be based on the amount of money budgeted each year.
  • Applicants will be notified by June 20 (Fall Cycle) or December 20 (Spring Cycle) regarding whether or not they will receive a Scholarship for Recertification Fees ($194.00);
  • Scholarship recipients will receive an ABPANC voucher code to be used when applying for recertification through Learning Builder.