Shining Star Award Recipients Announced for 2020

ABPANC’s Shining Star Award publicly recognizes ASPAN Components for supporting and encouraging CPAN® and CAPA® certification at the local level. All Components that meet the criteria receive the Shining Star Award at the annual CPAN/CAPA Celebration Event, held in conjunction with the ASPAN National Conference. The award, a beautiful silver star, is engraved with the Component’s name and year of award.

While we could not present the awards in person this year due to COVID and the cancellation of the ASPAN Conference, ABPANC would still like to recognize and honor the following 22 components that met the criteria to receive the 2020 ABPANC Shining Star Awards:

  • AZPANA (Arizona)
  • CSPAN (Connecticut)
  • FLASPAN (Florida)
  • GAPAN (Georgia)
  • INSPAN (Indiana)
  • KSPAN(Kentucky)
  • MASPAN (Massachusetts)
  • MESPAN (Maine)
  • MNDAKSPAN (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota)
  • MOKAN PANA (Missouri/Kansas)
  • NAPAN (Nebraska)
  • NCAPAN (North Carolina)
  • NPANA (Northwest)
  • NYSPANA (New York)
  • OPANA (Ohio)
  • PANAC (California)
  • PAPAN (Pennsylvania)
  • PANANM (New Mexico)