Naomi James

Naomi James | RN, BSN, CPAN

My Certification Story

This certification means a lot to me. I worked really hard for it. My co-worker and I studied for over six months and we both failed our first attempt at the Exam. Needless to say, we were utterly heartbroken. After a couple of months, I regained vision and started back studying full force. Last November, I took the test again and I passed! I was so happy and overjoyed that all the hard work came to pass and I could enjoy the moment in my career of becoming a Nationally Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse. Having this certification validates my skills and abilities. I was even featured in the newsletter at my place of employment. I encourage nurses in any specialty to be certified in the area they love working in. We owe it to ourselves. Don't give up. Even if you fail the exam the first time or the first two times, you are still just one step closer to passing.

My Study Strategies

I used references from ABPANC’s Study References List to study. I followed a strict study plan and made sure I truly reviewed the information in my weak areas. I reviewed a lot of information from the ABPANC practice tests. I also used the test taking tips and strategies videos from the ABPANC website. These resources were my key essentials to passing the test the second time around.

My Benefits

Being a CPAN (Certified Post-Anesthesia Nurse) validates my expertise in post-op patient recovery. I believe the more skilled and competent nurses who are in their field of care the better the care they will provide to patients. Patient care improves when nurses have more advanced education and certified clinical skills. I truly feel more confident that I have the best ability to take care of my patients.

My Advice

If you did not pass, DON'T GIVE UP! DON'T BE DISCOURAGED OR DOUBT YOURSELF. You can pass the test. You’re a great nurse. The key is to find out what works for you in order to create a realistic study plan. Take your time and don't rush. Partner up if you can. Make sure to define your weaknesses from the practice tests and review the necessary information to increase your score. Keep your faith, pray, and trust that you have the knowledge and ability to obtain the certification.