Jodi Kochin

Jodi Kochin | RN, CAPA

My Certification Story

My decision to seek CAPA certification came at a time of returning to school for my BSN. I had initiated this process on two other occasions and I knew it would be crazy to consider certification during such a hectic time. As it turns out the timing was right! I was gaining new knowledge through studying and creating opportunities for collaboration to apply best practices. This led me to design a quality study plan that would fit into my schedule and help me retain important certification information. I embraced advice from others who let me know it was important to take stock in what I already knew. I found that retaining information was supported by initiating dialogue with others willing to share their knowledge and experiences. I took advantage of living what I was learning as I was going through the process. The end result was worth the challenge.

My Study Strategies

I learn best through conversation and by applying it in real time. I was able to make sense of what I was learning by engaging in dialogue with other leaders and experts. Their in-depth knowledge and conversation reinforced and clarified questions as I went through the study process. The key details of those conversations helped me to retain new information and follow up on key points that supported what I was learning. Another positive study strategy was simply breaking down the ABPANC 12-Week Study plan and sticking to the goal dates. It was overwhelming at first but I could see it getting easier as I moved through each phase.

My Benefits

As I near completion of my BSN I realize the impact of my CAPA credentials. I find it uplifting when a coworker seeks me out as a certified leader who can offer insight and expertise in perianesthesia care. I am grateful to be included in a group of well respected individuals who are willing to guide and encourage other nurses. Certification has opened up opportunities for career advancement as a recognized leader in a field of nursing that is my passion.

My Advice

All nurses who sit for the exam earn high-five recognition for their effort. No matter what the end result of the exam is, focus on the knowledge you have gained on your journey. Allow yourself time to reflect on why it would be important to give it another try and then do it! Challenge yourself to a variety of study options by taking advantage of the wealth of resources available, including online or live review seminars. By nature of the process any unsuccessful attempt will fuel your knowledge bank and support your success in the future. Give it another go!