Ariana Behroozian

Ariana Behroozian | BSN, RN, CPAN

My Certification Story

I have been a PACU nurse for a little under three years and a registered nurse for almost four years. I was on an accelerated track to complete my BSN, however, I believed my education and career development should not have just stopped there. I truly value lifelong learning and education! I took my exam during my last week of completing my RN to BSN program. I took advantage of ASPAN’s scholarship benefits. I applied for a scholarship in January 2019 and was awarded with a full scholarship to take the exam during Spring 2019! Being CPAN certified to me means I am investing in myself, my future career and, most importantly, my patients. In these past years working as a PACU nurse, I have precepted eight student nurses. I have educated them on the best patient practices and enabled them to flourish independently. I realized I wanted to be an even more well-rounded role model for these students by sharing the most up-to-date knowledge and using evidence-based practice to promote the highest quality of patient care. I realized if I could positively influence my nursing students to uphold premier standards of care, I could improve patient care and experiences far beyond my immediate reach.

My Study Strategies

I took the four online CPAN practice tests. I made flashcards for the concepts I struggled with. I reviewed the ‘Question of the Week’ every week. I purchased seven books from the appendix but only ended up using my ACLS, PALS, “Perianesthesia Nursing Core Curriculum – Preoperative, Phase I and Phase II PACU Nursing” & “Drain’s PeriAnesthesia Nursing: A Critical Care Approach.” I did not know one single person who was CPAN or CAPA certified, so I connected with a CPAN coach in my region through ABPANC. My coach was very helpful and supportive. She encouraged me to keep pushing and checked in on me over the weeks as I studied for my exam.

My Benefits

Achieving CPAN certification has expanded the universe of higher-level nursing opportunities available to me and pushed me to realize my capabilities of continued career advancement. Being CPAN certified has not only provided myself with external recognition of my nursing acumen but has also strengthened my personal pride. I plan to encourage other PACU nurses to become CPAN certified. I am excited to share my knowledge with colleagues and patients alike! I wholeheartedly look forward to fulfilling my responsibility to my patients and myself to be the best nurse possible.

My Advice

You got this! You need to believe in yourself! Everyone learns at a different pace and has a different learning style. Do not compare yourself to others. Do not give up! Nobody can take away your knowledge, education or credentials. You have earned it, my friend. Now go study and crush that exam!