ABPANC Certification Achievement Award

ABPANC Certification Achievement Award

The ABPANC Certification Achievement Award recognizes that at least 75%, or 100%, of all eligible perianesthesia nurses in a specific department have earned CPAN® and/or CAPA® certification in a given year. The Department is awarded a framed certificate to recognize this outstanding achievement.

This application form must be completed in full and submitted to the ABPANC national office no later than Feb. 15. Once eligibility is verified, the individual submitting the application will be notified of the award, which will be announced on Certified Nurses Day (March 19 of the following year).

Recipients of the award are also provided with a sample news release for use in their hospital and community news sources. A congratulatory letter from the ABPANC President will be sent to the hospital CEO and Chief Nursing Officer.

To retain the ABPANC Certification Achievement Award annually, a unit must renew its application and documentation of 75% or 100% certified staff on a yearly basis.

Application Form