ABPANC President

Vicki Yfantis, MSN, RN, ANP-BC, CPAN

ABPANC Board President

Of my 24 years of nursing experience, 22 years have been in perianesthesia nursing. My first job in perianesthesia nursing was in the PACU. I hold Board Certification as an Adult Nurse Practitioner through the ANCC. Although I have been a practicing Nurse Practitioner for the last 18 years in a Pre-Surgical Testing Department, I consider myself a PACU nurse at heart and have never really left the bedside.

Recently, I embarked on a new adventure as the Clinical Nurse Manager of the Pre-Op, PACU, and Pre-Surgical Testing Departments at Suburban Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, in Bethesda, Maryland.

As the middle child of Greek immigrant parents, I have a strong appreciation for diversity and the power of knowledge. Fifty years ago, my parents came to the United States with dreams of endless opportunities and freedom. They instilled in me a strong value system that stressed integrity, hard work, respect for others, and a passion for education. This passion for education is what drove me to become an advanced practice nurse and to seek specialty certification.

I have been CPAN certified since 2000. My certification defines my practice, and I feel an accountability to protect its integrity. For this reason, I have been an item writer and an active member of the American Board of Perianesthesia Nursing Certification (ABPANC) Item Writer Review Committee and Exam Construction Committee since 2010. I have served on the ABPANC Board of Directors since 2014 and have served as President since 2017.

Being CPAN certified means more to me than simply achieving a passing score on an examination. The moment that I made the decision to work towards my certification is the moment that I started reaping its benefits. Starting with the incredible amount of knowledge that I gained through my preparation and continuing with the mindful, evidence-based care that I was delivering to my patients, becoming CPAN-certified gave me a new-found self-confidence that enabled me to build more meaningful relationships with my patients.

Being CPAN-certified has opened professional doors that have led me to the most rewarding opportunities and experiences. Through ABPANC, I have met and collaborated with brilliant nurses from across the country who have mentored me, supported me and encouraged me to grow. Creating a strong social and professional network of certified nurse colleagues has enriched my perianesthesia nursing practice.

When I am not engaging with my CPAN and CAPA nursing friends, I enjoy gossiping in Greek with my family and spending time with my friends. I have a passion for traveling and finding the perfect beach, a passion for shopping and finding the perfect mascara, and a passion for food and finding the perfect cookie.