Meaning of the ABPANC Logo

Meaning of the ABPANC Logo

ABPANC serves an elite group of experienced nursing colleagues who collectively serve to promote quality patient care while enhancing the awareness and respect of perianesthesia nursing.

The ABPANC logo encompasses the best of all that CAPA and CPAN nurses represent.

It is a rising star, indicating the CAPA and CPAN nurse is a leader in the field of perianesthesia nursing and always aiming to achieve the highest standard in patient care and advocacy. The star shines brightly among colleagues and patients, serving as an advisor, mentor and advocate.

It is an arrow pointing upward, indicating that the CPAN/CAPA nurse has achieved a milestone – the pinnacle of his/her career. The ABPANC certified nurse is always looking forward, aiming high, reaching for new information and staying on top of perianesthesia nursing trends and best practices.

The icon is also in the shape of a multi-faceted diamond, representing the many facets of a CPAN/CAPA nurse’s career; the multiple skills they possess; and the multiple tasks required to provide top-quality patient care. The diamond is the most precious gemstone and a well-known symbol of excellence, strength, courage and fortitude – all qualities of the certified perianesthesia nurse.

This image is also reminiscent of the shape of the original and traditional nurse’s cap; it is a nod to those who came before the CPAN/CAPA nurse to pave the way for who they are today. CAPA/CPAN nurses value and respect traditions while embracing modern nursing practices. They honor nurses in their own career who have mentored and guided them along the way.

The union of the star, arrow, diamond and nurse’s cap combine to convey an image of ABPANC as an innovative credentialing organization, representing certified nurses dedicated to excellence and integrity in the care of patients and their loved ones.