The following webinars provide valuable information to help you prepare your study plans for successful completion of the CPAN® and/or CAPA® exam.

Webinar (video) – Test Taking Strategies
This 20-minute webinar is full of useful tips for taking the CPAN or CAPA exam.

Webinar (video) – Conquering Test Taking Anxiety and Fear of Failure
This 30-minute webinar helps you identify and overcome symptoms of test anxiety and fear of failure.

Webinar Text (PDF) – Conquering Test Taking Anxiety and Fear of Failure
This 16-page PDF includes all of the narrative included in the webinar, “Conquering Test Taking Anxiety and Fear of Failure.” You may want to reference this document after viewing the webinar or share it with others as a study aid.

You should also read the CPAN and CAPA Certification Handbook in its entirety to be adequately prepared for the certification exams. This handbook includes detailed information about exam administration and testing blueprints to help you organize your study plan. Study References is the only approved list of study reference materials used to verify answers to the exam questions. ABPANC recommends you study from a variety of references in Study References based on your own learning needs. Many test candidates who failed the examination have told us they studied from just one or two books and were not adequately prepared. We want to help you pass the exam.