Message for all CPAN and CAPA Registered Exam Candidates for the Spring 2020 Testing Window

Out of an abundance of caution and duty of care to their employees and exam candidates, all PSI owned and operated sites in the United States will be closed starting March 20 through April 13.

Because of this unprecedented worldwide health crisis and the closing of all PSI test sites, ABPANC is allowing all CPAN and CAPA exam candidates who have already registered to take the exam in the spring 2020 window to rollover their exam application to one of the next two windows without incurring any additional fees.

If you would like to rollover your exam application, please log into your Learning Builder account and select the “rollover” option. As per ABPANC standard policy, you must complete the rollover request before the last day of the spring 2020 testing window, May 15, 2020, and at least 48 hours before your scheduled test appointment. You can read more about ABPANC’s rollover policy here.

Please note:

If you are scheduled to test between now and April 13:

  • PSI will be reaching out to candidates scheduled to test in the next 48 hours to reschedule.
  • If your test date is next week or beyond, please call PSI to reschedule your test appointment.
  • You may also log into Learning Builder and request a free rollover, as described above.

If you are scheduled to test between April 13 and May 15:

  • If you are scheduled to take your exam on April 14 or later and you still want to sit for the exam before the close of the window on May 15, you do not need to take any action at this time. Please continue to monitor the PSI website below updates regarding the status of their test centers or call them directly at the number below.
  • You may also log into Learning Builder and request a free rollover, as described above, at any time before your test date.

If you have not yet scheduled your exam:

  • If you still want to test in the spring 2020 window, you may wait and see what happens to the PSI testing center locations after April 13 and then schedule to test before May 15, if
    testing locations are open.
  • You may log into Learning Builder and request a free rollover, as described above.

You may reach the PSI Customer Service Department, as follows:
Phone: 1-866-830-1145
PSI COVID-19 Web Site:

If you choose to take your exam in one of the next two windows (September 15 – November 15, 2020, or March 15 – May 15, 2021), please note that you will not be eligible for any partial refunds if for some reason you do not sit for the exam during this timeframe.

Thank you again for the continued care and dedication that you display as a nurse every day. We are all proud to be perianesthesia nurses and to be an important part in the health care of our communities. Above all: remember to practice good “self-care.”  Your health, safety and well-being – and those of your loved ones – are of utmost importance.